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Business Travel Management Services And Support for Customers

Supporting business travel management with expert customer teams

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Posted: 09 September 2020

By Amir Sadeghi, senior marketing manager, customer experience programmes

Customers are at the heart of every business. They’re the pulse that keeps businesses constantly innovating, evolving, and improving. At Egencia, I’m lucky to hear from customers about what they think about our business travel management services, from onboarding and launch to optimising their corporate travel programmes.

Over the years, we’ve learned that the most effective travel management services take into account all the different needs of travellers and travel managers. To ensure things go smoothly from the start, our onboarding team diligently works to guide our customers through setup and launch.

After onboarding, our account managers take over the reins and partner with customers to help them optimise their travel programmes. And for travellers on the road, our customer service team is always there to assist them if there are any travel disruptions. Travel managers can also find support in the Egencia Connect Community, a trusted source and peer network for advice and insights.

Let’s dig in and learn more about how these expert teams support clients and what our clients have to say.

Personalised, intuitive onboarding with expert guidance

Our onboarding team provides a variety of tools to ensure a successful launch. Some of these tools include simplified traveller profile creation, online self-service options and remote training, to templates and resources for internal communications. Your implementation project manager will work with you to align all of your programme needs, including ensuring your site is ready to support your travel programme.

“I worked with Isha, Ashley, and Gus, and they were such a dream team! Everything was super clear. They provided a really manageable timeline and met all our needs quickly and effectively. I couldn't be happier with how the process went and our company is really excited to be up and running. Thank you!”

— Post-onboarding customer survey, 2020

We understand your requirements may vary based on your organisation’s size, industry, location, language and existing infrastructure, which is why our team of experts can adapt to the needs of your business. For smaller companies ready to move quickly, we can have you up and running in a week. For larger companies with mature travel programs, we average about eight weeks to launch. Last year we onboarded more than 1,500 happy customers. Watch this short video to see what several of them had to say about our implementation team and onboarding process.

“The whole process was very easy. Egencia was very good with following up to make sure that tasks were completed to keep us going. In the week of launch, Jennifer and the team have been super responsive with all our needs.”

— Post-onboarding customer survey, 2020

Your partner for travel programme success

Our account managers work closely with the implementation team to ensure a smooth transition to the next phase of your journey. More than a strategic partner, your account manager is an extended member of your team — someone you can rely on for expert analysis and recommendations, corporate travel programme monitoring, and guidance to drive operational improvements and enhance savings.

“My account manager helps me strategically plan for upcoming events and other opportunities, for example, our meetings and events and group air bookings. We’re now rolling those out and implementing.”

— JJ Giachetti, corporate travel manager, Umpqua Bank

Do you want to understand how traveller booking behavior is impacting online adoption? Not sure if your travellers should rent a car or use rideshare? Do you need tips on how to use Egencia Analytics Studio? Your account manager can help, because they’re here to advise you how to optimise to get the most value out of your travel programme.

“Our Egencia account manager is great. She’s used the reporting to demonstrate compliance patterns for traveller groups and highlighted pain points, like noncompliance and late booking, that we can completely eliminate.”

— Lisa Murphy, business operations team leader, James Fisher Marine Services Ltd.

Travel experts that are with you every step of the way

We know that support for your business travellers is one of the main reasons to have a managed travel programme. With 94 percent customer satisfaction, you can be confident we have the right blend of technology and people supporting you at every step. We’re the only travel management company that owns our technology end-to-end. Because of this, travellers and arrangers can easily contact support or cancel and modify trips online or in the Egencia app. And it’s a seamless experience — our platform provides one unified view for travellers, arrangers, and our agents.

“The work of the customer service team has been an enormous help. Everything has been easier thanks to them. Thank you very much to all of the Egencia team."

— Maria Miro, travel officer, Shiseido España SA

We work on the principle of know me, remember me, help me quickly. That’s why our team of more than 2,600 travel consultants are there to offer support 24/7, every day of the year and can be reached anytime online, with one click in the app, or by phone. Our business travel experts also collectively speak more than 30 languages and are based in over 65 countries.

“I need you to know that I just had the very best possible customer service from Kelly! She was patient, kind, empathetic and understanding.”

—  Production sales specialist, electronics company

What’s more, most of our travel consultants have years — and often decades — of corporate travel industry experience. Volcano in Iceland? A snowstorm in spring? They’ve helped travellers get through nearly every kind of scenario, safely and quickly.

“Just wanted to drop a quick note to let the Egencia management team know how much I appreciated Nicole’s excellent support. She worked through all the options, figured out a good solution, and played a critical role in getting me back to my family. She even volunteered to monitor for an expected flight cancelation and saved our company substantial travel costs by doing so and submitting a refund at the right time.”

—  Senior director, consulting company

Egencia Connect Community

The Egencia Connect Community is a robust, online ecosystem that provides access to a global network of nearly 800 corporate travel managers. Members participate in professional development sessions, business travel discussions, and can earn rewards. As a member, you have the chance to share best practices and get valuable feedback on areas that impact your travel management programme.

“I’m finding Egencia Connect to be super helpful and insightful. Really like all of the dialogue.”

— Travel manager, finance industry

The Egencia Connect Community regularly adds new features such as exclusive Q&A sessions with our leadership team, product updates, helpful how-to videos, and special COVID-19 content with the latest updates.

Better business travel

For nearly 20 years, we’ve helped our customers successfully launch, grow, and optimise their travel programmes. Our expert teams are ready to make it easy for you to start enjoying a better business travel experience today.

Come to one of our virtual events to connect with us and learn more.

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