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Retail Travel Playbook To Modernize Your Business Travel

Retail travel playbook: How to upgrade your business travel

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Posted: 23 June 2022
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It’s no secret that face-to-face business travel helps your business grow – particularly in retail industry. And meeting with suppliers and distributors is so important for healthy supply-chain relationships. The better you know your stakeholders and the better they know you, the more likely you’ll benefit from dedicated service and special terms. This is why corporate travel is a strategic investment for retail companies.

It's also great for your employees!

Employee travel has become a more meaningful touchpoint for in-person collaboration and connecting people to company culture. Business trips are seen as a perk and in-person meetings improve retention rates. Many companies are finding success in fostering company culture through off-site meetings and conferences where remote teams get together to both work and play.

As retail brands reimagine their travel programs in a post-pandemic era, there’s a need to review best practices to modernize and elevate travel processes.

Download this playbook to discover:

  1. Why corporate travel matters in the retail industry
  2. What methods retail companies have adopted to overcome the challenges of travel
  3. How to optimize budget and sustainability in a new travel climate
  4. Why it’s important to build a travel program with purpose and prioritize traveler wellbeing

As we enter a new stage of business travel’s recovery, travel managers at retail brands are delighted to see their colleagues take flight for face-to-face interactions once again. The workforce in the retail industry want to work for companies that demonstrate an understanding of individual preferences and provide more choices within travel programs and in-person initiatives. And the new business travel landscape reflects a fresh view with opportunities to innovate business travel trends like bleisure. Bleisure is a combined business trip with leisure travel. With the advantages of remote work, business travellers are more likely to add a few days before or after a planned business meeting to take advantage of all the locale has to offer for international travel and domestic travel alike.

Sustainable travel is another business travel trend retail companies need to pay attention to. Consumers increasingly scrutinize brands’ and travel suppliers’ environmental footprint and tracking emissions is top of mind for retail executives. Travel is a fundamental area for addressing environmental harm, with approximately half of respondents to a Deloitte survey saying they plan to optimize their business travel policy and itineraries to help reduce environmental impact within the next year. Fortunately, the corporate travel industry is paving the way to balance an eco-friendly travel program with company goals.

A partnership with an established travel management company is essential to update your travel policies, create a duty of care plan, and develop a business travel culture that has room to grow.

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