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How to Start a Purposeful Business Travel Program

Webinar on how to launch your purposeful travel program

1 min
Posted: 20 January 2022
Business Woman Planning Travel Program

The volume and type of business travel that takes place in the future will be very different as organizations consider factors like their employees’ willingness to travel and sustainability. Taking a purpose-led approach allows companies to retain the valuable benefits of business travel and balance the needs of the environment and employees.

This webinar explores FESTIVE ROAD’s Purposeful Travel Model and how you can use it to ensure you and your travel program add the highest strategic value. FESTIVE ROAD principal, Mike Orchard, helps you determine the business travel that’s right for you so your company can get the highest returns. Mike also shares how travel (and travel managers) can be a strategic enabler to the success of any organization. Afterwards, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to launch your own purposeful travel program.

Learn how to:

  • discover the value business travel provides to your organization,
  • identify the different types of travel across your organization,
  • run a “Zoom vs in-the-room” exercise for different types of travel,
  • gain executive endorsement for your own purposeful travel approach, and
  • work closely with your travel management company to develop and execute your own successful purposeful travel program.


  • Mike Orchard, Principal Consultant at Festive Road
  • Lisa Day, Director of Account Management at Egencia
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