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Checklist: Finding the Right TMC to Grow Your Business (Fast)

Checklist: How to find the right TMC to scale your business

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Posted: 20 June 2022
Finding the right TMC to scale business

Fast-growing companies have specific needs when it comes to business travel, which makes it especially important that the travel management company (TMC) you pick is the right match. We’ve created a checklist of critical ‘must-haves’ to help you make the right choice for your corporate travel management partner.

Download the checklist to learn what to look for in a TMC for your corporate travel programme and travel policy:

  • To help you save money and invest wisely—and we’re not talking pennies. We’re talking savings of up to 10–25 percent and more in an online booking tool with real-time pricing for hotels, hire cars and air bookings for business trips.
  • To make your travellers happy.In this era of the Great Resignation, a well-designed business travel programme and overall travel experience can be the perk that tips the scales in terms of talent attraction and retention, which is an even bigger deal for companies that are scaling fast.
  • To help you care for your people and reflect your company’s values. Now more than ever, business travellers need to feel supported and cared for in a way that feels authentic and true to what your company stands for. Travel support and real-time insights into travel data can help bridge that gap.

Choosing a right-fit business travel management partner can help propel your growth at every stage. Download the checklist to make sure you’re making the right choice to turn complex and disparate travel expenses and needs into a robust travel platform that delivers programme management solutions that truly support global travel.

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