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How COVID-19 Changes Duty of Care In Air Travel

How business air travel is changing

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Posted: 30 September 2020
Travel Manager Prepares For Air Travel During COVID19

The airline industry has been seriously disrupted due to COVID-19. The impact of this is important — a 2018 report states that the industry is a key driver of global economic development, generating 65.5 million jobs worldwide and enables $2.7 trillion in global GDP1. Thus, there is no doubt that it is essential for airlines to put in place effective virus diffusion control measures to prepare for the new normal airport experience as the world moves towards the recovery phase.

This webinar explores some of the changes in air travel:

  • What challenges airlines have faced and how this has impacted you?
  • What changes will be implemented to help support travellers?
  • How has Egencia helped business travel managers and business travellers navigate challenges like duty of care and travel risk management?
  • What should airlines consider for COVID-19 corporate traveller wellbeing?


Marc-Andre Brunet, director of product management, Egencia 

Manuel Flahault, corporate sales director, Air France


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